Web Application Development

In this competitive age, every organization whether small or big has to focus on the efficiency of its operations. And this information age, software application driven approach adds big advantage in fine tuning the processes and achieving efficiency. Since every organization has its own way of working and unique processes as per the working scenarios, so having its own customized developed application helps in a better way to carry on the process precisely as laid down. Hence IQwing offers custom web application development strictly as per the customer requirement. We welcome most critical and complex projects, so that we could sharpen the saw. This way we have developed, deployed quite complex projects with flying colors by achieving the customer delight. Web application comprises of both front-end & Back-end development. We prefer PHP –Mysql combination for custom application development. We prefer MVC (Model View Controller) technology for application development, to make it more secure, easy to change/update, and also to make it scalable.

Recent Work