Study Material – How to add contents to the chapter.

Screenshot Guide

Video Guide

Step By Step Guide

Step 1 Open your App and login as a teacher. Click on study Material option from screen.

Step 2 Click on Unit 1 and than Chapter 1.

Step 3 Four tabs will display. NOTES, PDF, IMAGES, VIDEOS. click on notes tab. To add content, click on plus icon.

Step 4. Here we entered title and description in title and description box and click on submit button.

Step 5 List of titles will display. we can edit tile name by clicking on pen icon.

Step 6 Same as we can add PDF and images. To save PDF click on PDF tab. and click plus icon.

Step 7 Write Book name and book description. Here we can create PDF or we can upload PDF also.

Step 8 Third tab is images tab. enter image title and image description. upload image and click on submit.

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