How to join Live Class as teacher in App.

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Step by Step Guide

Step 1 Open your app and login as a teacher. Click on Live Class option from screen.

Step 2. Here run it in Google Chrome by clicking on Open in Chrome option.

Step 3. List of assigned classes will display. select class that teacher want to start and click on start button.

Step 4 On next screen a popup will display. In this popup a question will ask from you. How would you like to join audio? Click on Microphone option.

Step 5 The confirmation screen will appear. On this screen a confirmation will take from you. Speak some words, is it audible. If it’s audible, then click on Yes option.

Step 6 Now You have joined. Your class starts. Main Page will Display.

Note: For Knowing about more features of live class, please watch the next Post. We will discuss there about details of live class like upload presentation, control, end meeting etc.

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