How to login as a student in App

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Step 1 Click on the app to log-in as a student in App. The login screen will display. There are three options. STUDENT LOGIN, TEACHER LOGIN, AND GUEST LOGIN. you are a student and having a registered mobile number, click on STUDENT LOGIN option.

Step 2 Welcome screen will display. Enter your valid phone number. The entered number must be the same as the registered number. And click on GET OTP. This will you to easily login as a student in App.

Step 3 You received a 6 digits OTP code in your registered number. Enter 6 digits number and click on Continue button for hassle-free Login as a student in App. If OTP is not received, click on “GET HELP FOR LOGIN” for help.

Step 4 After phone number verification a screen will display. Here you can see the list of those students who are registered with entered phone number. You can check the student’s details by clicking on LOGIN WITH Students ‘name.

Step 5 A screen will display. Student can view homework, activity, alert, study Material, etc.

Step 6 To switch between multiple student’s profile. Click on switch child option from the bottom of screen. List of students will display.

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