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IQwing eAcademy Launching eLearning Platform

To promote the eLearning we have initiated IQwing eAcademy, where we create, operate & maintain a Digital Teacher Platform exclusively for entrepreneurs. If you are Teacher/Mentor/Entrepreneur and want to setup an eAcademy without any investment/risk, then this program is perfect for you.
If you believe that this is what you are looking for. Let’s setup an eAcademy for you now

IQwing eAcademy Program

  • Get your own Digital Teaching Platform (Web portal + Android App) Labelled with your own Brand Name Free
  • Get thorough training Free
  • Run your Coaching |Tuition Center 24x7 through App.
  • Connect the students & Teachers across the World.
  • Accept payments through app

Salient Features of App

  • Interactive Live Session with Webcams, Audio & Presentations.
  • Guest on-board
  • Unlimited Student
  • Unlimited Teacher /Team member
  • Study Material
  • Assignment
  • Assessment
  • Attendance
  • Notifications & Alerts

Let’s start your eAcademy with Rs 0/- investment

Benefits of eLearning

Concept of eLearning is not new to this world. It has been practising extensively in many countries. Same time there are few countries where eLeaning was not prominent. But due to COVID-19 breakthrough & Lockdown, the concept of eLearning has been come out with full application. The people have experienced & believed that, yes! eLearning is a powerful and fruitful concept of learning. eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to students. Unlike traditional chalk and board method of teaching, eLearning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective.

Save the Travel Time

eLearning plateform allow teachers to stay connected to their students outside of school hours in order to excange resources, video,ideas,methodologies.

Cost Effective

eLearning is cost effective as compared to traditional forms of learning. The reason for this price reduction is because learning through this mode happens quickly and easily. A lot of training time is reduced with respect to trainers, travel, course materials, and accommodation.

can connect to Teacher across the Globe

Online platform allow teachers to support their students outside the classroom where they don't spend much time together and to give them additional instructions on subject like art , singing,chess etc. It gives teachers the opportunity to lead students to success during and after the school

Can repeat the recorded session many times.

Can repeat the recorded session- unlike classroom teaching with online learning you can access the content an unlimited number of times . this is especially required at the time of revision when preparing for an exam .in e learning you xan attend the lectures whenever you want with ease

Can connect 24 X 7

Can connect 24*7- students are unbound by the restraint of time and place on e-learning environment.they access their favourite courses at any time through 24*7 accessibility and are able to learn from any quarter of the world . Only thing needed is a good technological medium lile computer or laptop to assist them in their learning process

Concept can be explained thoroughly with the use of

  • Inbuilt Whiteboard
  • Inbuilt Digital Board (to display Presentations, Videos, Polls etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A. IQwing eAcademy is an initiative by IQwing EduInfotech (P) Ltd which enables any person to setup his/her own Coaching/Tuition Center with Zero Investment and can operate same from home.

A. You not need to pay any amount to setup your eAcademy. But once you get students & teachers enrolled into your academy, you have to pay per user per month (PUPM). We call it “pay as you grow”. Which means as grow after enrolments of teachers and students than only you need to pay per user per month.

A. INR 60 per user per month.

A. Yes we charge GST extra as per the rate applicable in India at the time of billing.

A. Though we are not charging any setup cost, but recurring cost is always active to keep your eAcademy alive.
If your eAcademy is older than 1 Month and no user is active, you have to pay minimum running charges (MRC) per month.

A. Equivalent to amount of 10 User Per User Per mnth. e.g if Per User Per Month Charge is INR 60, then MRC shall be INR 600 + taxes.

A. Yes, we provide training through our eLearning Program and through interactive live session/webinar.

A. Yes your students & teacher can access our training material. But we only provide live interactive training session to one person SPOC (single point of Contact). However after getting the training, SPOC can further cascade the knowledge.

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